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Director of SparkleLight Productions, Pamela Sakyi is pleased to announce that she is preparing the production of the sequel to the Award-nominated, critically acclaimed documentary, ‘British Ghanaians: Lost in Translation’  Trailer: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=boYXXJTI51Q The Beginning: In 2015 Writer-Director Pamela Sakyi (Founder of SparkleLight Productions) released “British Ghanaians: Lost In Translation”. The documentary highlighted how the lack of Ghanaian language fluency

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Listen Speak & Learn gets involved with Destination Africa…

Listen, Speak & Learn is working in partnership with Destination Africa to create and develop the most unique and creative African cultural workshops for children and families. Destination Africa now in its third series is turning heads and creating a buzz in the London area. Destination Africa wanted to create cultural workshops for children of

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Destination Africa – African Cultural workshops have begun… in London

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  A new African cultural workshop programme has officially taken off in London. This new exciting and programme is the culmination of a problem which founders Michael and Abena Richardson noticed among people of African descent living in the diaspora. How it all began… Abena Richardson goes on to say, our cultural heritage and languages

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LSL will be at the Black Market & Film Festival – [9th April 2016]

  Listen, Speak & Learn and the Destination Africa Team will be at the 8th Black Market & Film Festival. The event is to be held at Platanos College, Clapham Road, London SW9 0AL. Door open from 12:00hrs – 18:00hrs. It would be a opportunity to meet and speak with the Listen Speak & Learn Team. You will have

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Screening of British Ghanaians – Lost In Translation – Sunday 10th April 2015

If you haven’t seen the acclaimed documentary, you have another opportunity. Since it’s completion in 2015, the documentary continues to shed light on challenges that face the African diaspora. The documentary has recently been recognised by the West African Film Festival. As ever Listen Speak & Learn will be there. Following the screening of the documentary Listen Speak

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LSL Conversations “Series #1” Available

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LSL Conversations Series #1, available first on our website… The first series of LSL Conversations is here, and available to view in advance on the Listen, Speak & Learn website, before any other platform. Access to all the “Conversations” are available when you SIGN-UP to a “LSL Online Account” which would also give you access to the (Akan)

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What People Say About Listen, Speak & Learn

I have been a fan of Listen Speak Learn for some time now. I had already purchased a copy of DVD 2 and it was phenomenal! So much so that my 2 year old helps himself to it daily and slots it into his little player and of course scratched it beyond use within less than a month. He calls out for it tirelessly by saying 'paano' meaning 'bread' (one of the many words he has learnt from the DVD) and thus I'm forced to purchase it again. He loves this even more than he did the first one, and has taken to speaking Twi equally if not more than he speaks English. The songs are ever more catchy and whenever my son sees any numbers between one to ten during random instances during the day, he points at them and calls them by the respective Twi word. The DVD is just under an hour long, and yet it can hold the attention of a toddler as well as an adult seeking to learn the language. I cannot praise the series highly enough. If you are seeking to learn the language or teach it to your child, this is most certainly the best money you can spend toward making the journey both easy and enjoyable.

my 2 year old helps himself to it daily…

( [N. Scribe] on 1 Jan. 2016 )

I received the DVD yesterday. It took a little longer as it was shipped from London. Michael, the seller, even included a hand-written note. It is a beautiful, interactive, well-made video. I will listen, talk, and sing along. I think it will be helpful in my continuing efforts to learn the Twi. Michael said that Volume 2 is coming soon.

A beautifully produced language-learning DVD

( [Barb] on 17 April 2015 )

This DVD is a great learning resource and a fun way to learn Twi! Our family has some fluent Twi speakers, some who only know a little bit of Twi and some who don't know any at all...and everybody loves this DVD from the oldest to the youngest. I originally purchased it for our children because we want them to be fluent in several languages, including Twi, but once we started playing the DVD even the adults were learning and having fun with it. The DVD is slow paced and easy for children (or adults that are new to Twi) to follow. I love that it features beautiful African children and images of real objects (as opposed to cartoons). My toddler runs to the TV when the songs come on. The songs feature the familiar tunes of "Head, Shoulders, Knees & Toes" and "If You're Happy and You Know It Clap Your Hands" but all sung in Twi! We look forward to future Twi DVD's from this company.

We love this DVD! It’s a fun way for the entire family to learn Twi

( [L. Bryant] on 25 Jun. 2013 )

Excellent. Really enjoyed the DVD and after the 3rd play through I now know by heart a variety of common words and phrases as well as reciting 1 to 5. I'm now ready to move to the next level. The only possible improvement could maybe be to order the exercises more, i.e. section 1 numbers, section 2 greetings, section 3 objects etc?

Excellent beginning to learning Twi

( [Joe S] on 13 Dec. 2014 )

I sat down to watch this with my two nephews, aged 1 and 3, and we were all absorbed within seconds. This is a superior learning aid that is easy to follow, engaging and contains just enough stretch to give children (and adults) a genuine learning experience. As a second-generation British-born Ghanaian, I found this to be a refreshing gateway into Twi. After only half an hour, I found myself using basic conversational phrases with my eldest nephew, and he was easily making links between English and Twi, independently. Highly recommended. (And bonus points for the Ghanaian music and thoughtful video-clips. visual aids. Very nicely done!)

An excellent opening to learning Twi

( [Jeffrey] on 17 Oct. 2013 )

I am Nigerian and my husband is Ghanaian, naturally we want to teach our baby both languages after observing how few children born in the diaspora are able to speak any of our native tongues. I searched youtube for resources, found a couple of the sample videos and was instantly enamored. Without hesitation I purchased the dvd and I can say with confidence it is possibly the best investment I have made all year, there is nothing else like this on the market. It is a quality product that truly does engage an audience and I simply cannot recommend it highly enough. I myself have learned a lot and I now sing 'ti bati kotodwe' (head shoulders knees) to my son several times a day in addition to the Yoruba version, after watching only once. There is constant reinforcement for all the words taught and best of all, everything is taught in twi, meaning you don't hear one syllable of English throughout (unless you look elsewhere in the section that gives instruction on how the dvd works). For those who like myself, don't speak twi, do not be put off by not hearing any English, there are a few written translations, but more importantly, you will naturally grasp the meaning by way of the images shown. A very strong point of this video was the children who danced or otherwise demonstrated the meanings to words. They looked like they were having fun and were adorable to watch. In them my son can see himself and this to me is a very important factor. I eagerly anticipate Volume 2 and encourage the wonderful creators of this video to keep up the great work! Medasi, E se, thank you!

Makes learning Twi fun!

( [Nubian Scribes] on 13 Nov. 2013 )

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